Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal: Three Possibilities For Arsenal’s Woeful Display

Pitifully, Arsene Wenger surrendered to a disappointing and humiliating defeat away at Anfield. This makes it Arsenal’s consecutive loss in the premier league this season. The ever-energetic Liverpool players gave their 100% today and did the job so wonderfully that you will think they are playing against minors.  Peter Cech on the other hand made some wonderful save which minimises the humiliation. The remaining Arsenal players showed no ambition whatsoever throughout the first half of the match, though they tried to spice things up for the first 10 minutes of the second half, Jugen Klopps men stepped up again which brought about the third and fourth goal. Throughout the game the men in red dominated the match with fantastic and beautiful displays. But you might wonder why the gunners got it so wrong? Here are few possible reasons.

  A way of sending Wenger away

Throughout the course of the game, Arsenal had no attempt on target as against Liverpool’s 9 attempts. All Gunners except Cech were nonchalant today, to be candid they played as if they were fed up of something going on in the club and probably of Arsene Wenger. They didnt play for him at all, they had series of bad touches, they seem clueless and get easily dispossessed, all pointing out to a psychological dressing room problem. As it has been in some clubs, players have the power to play against the coach and force out a sack for him. I wont be surprised if that is where the players are heading towards. Though the club keeps making profit and Arsene Wenger keeps building talents, but the fans are tired of not winning the league for a long time now and the players are probably not happy with the boss tactics. The display today could be sending a huge warning to Wenger.

No leadership role

The players played without motivation, their spirit were very low, nobody on the pitch could lift the spirit of the other players. There were few bad touches and yet nobody made clarion calls on the pitch, no cautioning, no energetic act of encouragement. The skipper appears so cold throughout the match, Ozil seemed to play absent-mindedly and Sanchez played like he no more wants to be with the gunners. I think it’s high time Arsenal signs players with action, players that can command play on the pitch. For example when things are going wrong in Chelsea you ll see David Luis in action bringing up the teammates spirit, for Manchester you will see Valencia voicing out. Arsenal needs such players on the pitch.

   Selection Issues

To me I will say Arsene Wenger got it all wrong in selecting today, I wondered why he will bench his two main striker, Lacazzette and Giroud. And painstakingly Kolasinac had a wonderful display against Chelsea, I dont know why the boss has no confidence in the guy. And as i analysed here before the game, a 3-4-3 formation will not just be okay for the pacy Liverpool trio of Mane, Firminho and Salah. Holding and Monreal were not just able to cope with the pace.

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