Paul Pogba’s Injury Might Affect Manchester United

As the game of soccer gives fans and lovers its pros, it simultaneously bring along its cons. This was so for Manchester United when their energetic and always creative midfielder Paul Pogba limped off the pitch due to hamstring suffered in the UEFA champions league match against Basel in their opening champions league match on Tuesday.

Though Mourinho has made it clear that there is no reason to cry over Pogba’s injury as there are other capable midfielders in the squad. Truly United still have players like Herrera, Fellaini, Matic and Carrick that can replace the midfielder during the period of his absence.

But from my point of view and personal analysis, Pogba has a quality as a midfielder that his potential replacements seem not to possess. That is his creativity, when Pogba is on pitch, be rest assured that chances created by Manchester United will be high compared to when he is absent in the team. According to opta statistics, Pogba created over 50 chances for Manchester United last season. Also Pogba balanced his creativity with speed, pace and strength.

Analyzing the other options, Herrera is also a brilliant midfielder but known for his high tackling ability, reason why he played deep midfield role for Manchester United last season. So his creativity cannot be compared to that of Pogba. Fellaini is best as a substitute, not a match starter, he has made more impact as a substitute that brings stability to the match than a match starter. So It’s left for Mourinho to decide whether he will start Fellaini in  place of Pogba. Matic on the other hand is stable in the squad, in Pogba’s absence or presence I don’t think Mourinho will tamper with the holding midfielder role. Carrick’s experience could earn him Pogba’s position if Mourinho prefers to go for experience ahead of strength and agility. Carrick also provide stability in the squad.

All in all, Pogba will be heavily missed in Manchester United’s subsequent matches starting from their sunday PL match against Everton. There is nothing United could wish for right now than a quick recovery for Paul Pogba.

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